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All the stages of your wedding covered by beautiful harmonies

The Ceremony

Live piano music can provide a beautiful and romantic background to your wedding ceremony. From the moment your guests are seated through to your exit down the aisle as newlyweds, Raphael’s piano playing will “set the scene” and create the perfect ambience.

The arrival of guests (3-6 pieces of music)

The entrance or “Procession”of the bride (usually 1 piece of music)

During the vows ( 1 piece of music played in ‘low music volume )

The signing of the register ( 1 piece of music

The exit or “Recession” of the bride and groom ( 1 piece of music )

listen a sample 🎵

The Reception

The Reception, sometimes referred to as the Drinks Reception, is the period of time immediately following your Ceremony when you and your guests can unwind and begin the celebrations, often with some welcome drinks and canapés.

Choosing more “up-beat” piano music during this time will not only entertain your wedding guests during the photos, it will also compliment the more lively and celebratory atmosphere that comes with the Reception.

Raphael is able to play from the start of your Reception up until the moment your guests are invited in to take their seats for the Wedding dinner.

Typically, 15-20 songs or pieces of music can be covered during the Reception.

listen a sample 🎵

The Wedding dinner

The piano is the ideal choice of instrument to have during your Wedding dinner as it can be heard nicely in the background whilst you all enjoy your meal.

Choosing appropriate music can really help to “bring everyone together” as it were during this part of the day. You may wish to ask your friends and relatives what their favorite songs or pieces of music are and then have them played during the meal.

Popular songs, Film Music, Show Tunes, Classical and Jazz music all work extremely well.

Raphael is able be play throughout the duration of your meal.

Again, there is usually time for about 15-20 songs/pieces of music during the Wedding dinner .

listen a sample 🎵